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Telerik by Progress

Telerik by Progress is the leading provider for developer productivity solutions - "We're dedicated to making the lives of developers like you easier, faster and more creative than ever". At Cool Apps we deeply value the great tools that Telerik have created.

That's just one of the reasons we are so proud to be one of the few companies with the status of Progress Premier Service Delivery Partner!

Progress Premier Service Delivery Partner

NativeScript is the holy grail of mobile development. It allows to easily create a mobile app that runs natively on both iOS, Android and Windows. Having just one source code that works everywhere saves time, money and sanity. If you want to know more just let us know, we'd love to explain in details.

Cool Apps is one of the few NativeScript Preferred Partners.


Application Developers Alliance

Application Developers Alliance is a global membership organization supporting developers as creators, innovators and entrepreneurs.
Being members of such organization we aim not only to be closer to our customers and partners, but we are actively working together with the Alliance to improve the image of Eastern European software companies and specifically from Bulgaria.

Microsoft Bizspark

Microsoft BizSpark is a great partnership program, which targets promising companies. We've been using Microsoft technologies for more than a decade and love them.


AngelHack Winners
Angel Hack Winners

AngelHack ignites the passion of the world’s most vibrant community of code creators + change makers to invent the new and make change happen, together." We've won two of the four prizes!

Telerik Hackathon 1st Place
Telerik Hackathon Winners

The biggest European hackathon this year was organized by Telerik and had prize pool of 16 000$. Sofia hosted participants from all over the Europe. The competition was very though and that's why we were extremely happy with our achievement - 1st place and winners of the biggest hackathon in Europe. More about the event you can read on or in our website.

StartUp Weekend Mobile
StartUp Weekend Mobile

Startup Weekend is great organization, which hosts events all over the world. We had the chance to participate on this amazing event and won the special award by Microsoft for best Windows Phone app. We met great people at the event and had a lot of fun.