Cool Apps


Cool Apps is a software company focused on developing great Mobile and Web applications.
Our forte is crafting user-friendly and great looking software which makes a difference.

We exist to bring value and joy!

Lead by excellent engineers, we are making the very latest technologies an ally in our mission.
Not believing in compromises, our goal is to only release software that we can be proud of.

What is the difference

With so many great choices out there, you would inevitably ask yourself – “Why should I choose this company or their products? What makes them different? What makes them better?” It’s a difficult question and it is hard to be impartial when you have to present yourself. Yet, we have listed some characteristics that form our corporate DNA and set us apart from the rest:


We deeply value our customers and truly care about their opinion. Cool Apps’ customers are its most precious asset. Trying to create cool products that bring them value, and listening to their feedback and requests is just one of the ways we show our appreciation.


Complete dedication to both our customers and partners. One of our main responsibilities is to support our clients and to keep updating our products in ways that make them even more useful. We have never let our clients and partners down and they know that they can count on us.


Commitment and dedication are nothing if you are not willing to go that extra mile in order to achieve precise and perfect product. In this wild world full of competition on every level, we chose to differentiate ourselves from the others by being precise and strict in the whole lifecycle of the software development process.


We are trying to keep our customers happy at any cost. At the end of the day, what really matters to us as a company is to know that we provide the best possible experience for our clients. The great amount of positive reviews and feedback we get shows that we are doing it right.


Innovation is what easily and very effectively can separate you from the crowd. Cool Apps' work is all about innovative features and technologies regardless of whether we are creating our own product or partnering on a project with another company. We are blessed to work with great software engineers and designers, which makes creating and releasing innovative features, using the newest and best technologies, an easily attainable task.


A great software product is not only about features and looks, but also about stability. Everybody on our team is aware of this and we put a lot of effort and knowledge in constantly improving our software. Combined with the great specialists in the company and the positive feedback from our customers and partners, we can say, that we are proud of the quality of our products and services.


Ivaylo Yosifov Co Founder
Mr. "Let's get it done!"
Ivaylo Yosifov

Co Founder

Miroslav Valchev Co Founder
Mr. "I want this to be perfect!"
Miroslav Valchev

Co Founder

Ivan Ivanov Co Founder
Mr. "I'm ready, what's next?"
Ivan Ivanov

Co Founder

Borislava Yosifova Front-End Dev
Ms. Vigorous
Borislava Yosifova

Front-End Dev

Victor Tsenkov Full-Stack Dev
Mr. Black Ninja
Victor Tsenkov

Full-Stack Dev

"Lucky Rascal"

Dolce Vita Guru

Veselina Foteva Marketing
Ms. "Story Teller"
Veselina Foteva


Ivaylo Sergeev Back-End Dev
Mr. "Give me another challenge!"
Ivaylo Sergeev

Back-End Dev

Nelly Katsarova Office Happiness
Ms. Sophistication
Nelly Katsarova

Office Happiness

Borjana Krusteva UI/UX
Mrs. Esthete
Borjana Krusteva