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" We approached Cool Apps to develop our mobile app a few months ago. So far, the results are excellent. Our use case is related to streaming video, which is a challenging thing to get absolutely right. Despite this, they have been able to overcome all the possible hurdles in a short amount of time. This is because they are focused, motivated, and most of all - experienced on a lot of different levels. "

Ivaylo Georgiev - CEO, Stremio

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" CoolApps is not just another consultancy. It is a team of professionals that really care about what they are doing and how they impact the rest of the society with what they create. Through all my work with them on FindMeCure, I have witnessed not only cutting-edge technical, marketing and design expertise, always ready to learn people, but also project management that looks at the whole picture and the way their customers will really benefit in the end. "

Maya Zlatanova - CEO, FindMeCure

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" I have chosen Cool Apps to be the company that will create Propy - a new international real estate platform. They proved to be a reliable partner that delivers on its promises. With the Cool Apps team we have managed to create a great iOS app and a robust server that handles the hundreds of thousand properties we have listed. "

Natalia Karayaneva - CEO, Propy

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" Our work with the team at Cool Apps was to develop the front end for our HTML5 and JavaScript based mobile app maker. We were extremely pleased with their communication, timeliness, as well as the final product. Miro, Ivo, and the rest of the Cool Apps team worked hard to understand not just our written requirements, but went well beyond that to understand how they could help us make the product better. In fact, during the course of this project, we asked Cool Apps to take over and fix an ASP.NET project from a different failed contractor – with fantastic results. The thing we appreciated the most about our work with Cool Apps was their excellent attitude, communication and commitment to helping us deliver a great product. If the opportunity arises, we will not hesitate to work with them again."

Stephen Wilkinson - CEO, APPr

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" I had the pleasure of working with Ivaylo, his partner Miroslav Valchev, and his company, Cool Apps while at Telerik. Each and every interaction was favorable. Cool Apps joined the Telerik Partner Network and achieved platinum status in record time. They earned an exceptionally high win rate and produced the accompanying case studies and customer testimonials to demonstrate their success. I found Cool Apps to be professional, talented, and dedicated – and so did everyone else. I would recommend them to anyone without hesitation. "

JoLene Gordon - Partner Network Director, Telerik

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" We are very happy with the work Cool Apps did while working on our Windows Phone application. Since the project was a complex one and there were many challenging features to be developed, they found the best way to cope with the task and achieved a very high performance result in the end. "

Pavel Simov - CCO, Droxic

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" We have partnered with Cool Apps for years. The company has excellent engineers which really facilitates collaboration and makes it a preferable partner. Completing several successful projects together, I can strongly recommend Cool Apps’ work and the technical and business knowledge they provide. "

Ivaylo Ivanov - CTO, BGO Software

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" Cool Apps helped us perfect our template used in most of our client’s apps. Finally we found a Kendo UI go-to experts. "

Robin Havre - CEO, Appfabrikken AS


We believe in doing meaningful work. After all, our time is limited. Hence, we are quite picky about who we work with.
The majority of our clients are from the Healthcare sector. The projects we undertake change peoples lives for the better! So if you need someone to build your next gambling/tabliod or similar platform, please close this site imediatelly! It's only inteded for companies doing meaningful products.